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HSBC Premier

HSBC Premier focuses on the most important economy in the world: yours

How we help you manage your personal economy

Your personal economy represents the health of your whole financial life. It is unique to you, and incorporates all the things you value most - your family, your home, your passions, your work, your legacy. Your personal economy is completely interconnected and constantly changing. It requires care and attention to keep it in balance. HSBC Premier provides personal support for your personal economy in four ways.

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HSBC Premier provides a range of benefits to help you manage your personal economy.


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HSBC Premier eligibility criteria

You can qualify for HSBC Premier by meeting any of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Maintaining a minimum monthly average balance of BHD 35,000 (or equivalent in any other currency) in deposits and/or investments
  • Monthly net salary transfer of BHD 4,000 or above for the first 12 months after which the criteria in the first point above applies

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