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Phone banking

Quick and convenient way to keep on top of your finances

How it works

Whenever you call, we'll ask you to first verify it's you. You can set up Voice ID and use your voice as your password. Alternatively you can use your 10 digit Phone Banking Number and 6 digit PIN1. Once you have been verified, we'll put you through to a member of our phone banking team who can access your account details and help you manage your money.

You'll need your Bank Account number or Credit Card number / Debit Card number and Phone Banking PIN on hand to get started. Get set up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Call 80008500 (within Bahrain), or +973 17528635 (outside Bahrain). 
  2. Follow the instructions prompted and verify yourself using your Phone Banking PIN.
  3. Create your voiceprint saying 'My voice is my password' up to 5 times.

1If you don't already have your Phone Banking PIN, please call our call centre to create a new Phone Banking PIN.

What you can do

Through our telephone banking service, you can:

  • Check your account balance
  • Move money between your accounts
  • Make bill payments
  • Request a statement
  • Create or change a Standing Order
  • Cancel a card and order a replacement
  • Request for a new cheque book
  • Change your personal details
  • Open new accounts, and apply for additional services
  • Arrange a foreign exchange transaction
  • Check interest rates
  • Resolve Online Banking issues
  • Create Voice ID, Instant Phone Banking, and Debit / Credit Card PINs

How it works

We'll recognise you immediately if you call from the number you've registered with us.

To access your accounts, you'll need your phone banking PIN and your personal banking number. If you don't have a PIN, we can generate one instantly when you call us.

Get started with phone banking

Premier customers

Call us on 8000 1288 (within Bahrain) or +973 1756 9643 (outside Bahrain)2.

Advance customers

Call us on 1756 9569 (within Bahrain) or +973 1756 9569 (outside Bahrain)2.

Personal banking customers

Call us on +973 17529460 (within and outside Bahrain)2.

Please download our phone banking map below for further details.

2Calls may be monitored and/or recorded for security and service improvement purposes.


By registering to Voice ID, you consent that HSBC will be collecting, storing and analysing recordings of your voice to generate a ‘voice print’ that is unique to you, and use this voice print to identify you when you call us. Your Voice ID may be stored and produced by a third party and shall constitute an unequivocal evidence to you requesting any services. You agree that the Bank’s records shall conclusive in that regard. For more information on how we collect and store your data, please refer to our Personal Banking General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement.

Enrolling to Voice ID is optional. you can continue to use your Phone Banking PIN at your convenience.

Using the Voice ID shall be considered as your extended consent for Personal Banking General Terms and Conditions and Online Banking terms and conditions as may be applicable to your use of the Phone Banking services in general and to Voice ID in particular. 

HSBC have the right to amend/suspend/ terminate this service at any point of time at HSBC’s own discretion without providing any justification or the need to provide any prior notification.

Any transactions made by you using the Voice ID are subject to our Personal Banking Terms and Conditions and any other related services/products terms and conditions associated with your relevant requests. 

HSBC Personal Banking General Terms and Conditions (Bahrain) and Online Banking Terms and Conditions (Bahrain) apply.