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HSBC Advance

Make your money go further with HSBC Advance

HSBC Advance Bank Account

A priority bank account that makes it easy to keep track of your money, with special rates and personalised services.


  • Free money transfer

    Access all your global HSBC Advance accounts at one place, with a single log-in online. Better still, you can transfer funds between them

  • Get help overseas

    Access emergency cash instantly at over 8,500 branches worldwide

  • Enjoy everyday benefits

    Get special rates on mortgages, personal loans and more

HSBC Advance eligibility criteria

You can apply for an HSBC Advance Account if you transfer a monthly salary of BHD 500 or above to your account or maintain BHD 10,000 in your savings account balance, term deposits or a combination of the two.

Apply by phone


17 569 569

(within Bahrain)



+973 17 569 569

(outside Bahrain)

Apply online

Simply fill out the application form below and apply online today.

Frequently Asked Questions