No processing fees when applying for HSBC Personal Loans*

  • Low APR from just 5.90%*
  • Loan tenures starting from 1 to 7 years*
  • No credit life insurance required
  • Borrow up to BHD 60,000

For a 12 month personal loan:

  • Low APR from just 6.5%*
  •  No processing fee
  • No credit life insurance required

*Terms & Conditions apply

Call: 8000 8788

Valid from 02 January until 31 March 2019.

*Offer and Personal Loan terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Please visit for full details. *Reducing balance rate. Indicative APR on Personal Loans for an amount of BD 10,000/- and payable over

7 years period is 5.90%.

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HSBC Personal Loan Campaign Terms and Conditions– 02nd January 2019 to 31st March 2019 (both days inclusive)

When do these Terms and Conditions apply?

  • HSBC Bank Middle East Limited - Bahrain (“we” or “us” or “HSBC”) has launched an offer for all new and existing HSBC customers who apply for a new or top up personal loans.
  • The campaign period is from 02nd January 2019 to 31st March 2019 both days inclusive (“Campaign Period”).
  • These Terms and conditions (“Campaign Terms and Conditions”) apply in respect of the Campaign. These apply to you so far as the law and regulation permits so please read them carefully.

Who are eligible to participate in the Campaign?

  • The Campaign is open to all existing and new HSBC customers who are Bahrain residents or nationals and who apply for a new or top up a personal loan subject to a minimum amount of BHD 10,000 during the Campaign Period. The personal loan must also be approved and disbursed before or on 30th April, 2019, in order for the Campaign Offer to apply. This also includes loans which are transferred from an existing lender.
  • If you have an existing personal loan, the pricing and terms of this personal loan will not be affected.

What is the Offer and related Terms and Conditions?

  • If you apply for an HSBC personal loan during the Campaign Period for a minimum amount of BHD 10,000, and your application is approved within the Campaign Period (which includes providing us with all the required documentation for your loan application and successful drawdown of the loan amount), the administration fees, as set out on the HSBC Schedule of Services and Tariffs, applicable to this personal loan will be waived “the Offer”.
  • Your interest remain based on the normal loan qualifying criteria. For further details please contact us on 80008788 or visit for details of the rate that will apply to your loan. 

When and How will I get the reward?

  • Upon meeting the campaign eligibility along with successful and complete disbursement of the loan by max March 31, 2019, the waiver shall apply automatically, meaning that only 100% of the Personal Loan Arrangement Fee will be waived upon disbursal of the loan amount to your account held with HSBC.

Do any other terms and conditions apply to me?

  • Yes.
  • Personal Loans Terms and Conditions shall be governing your loan, nevertheless, as a customer of HSBC your general banking relationship with us will be governed by the HSBC General Terms and Conditions (Bahrain). They can be found on our website at .  Please ensure you have read and understood them. In addition to this, where you have taken a specific HSBC product, your product will be governed by the applicable product terms and conditions. For example, any HSBC Credit Card will be governed by the HSBC Credit Card Agreement Terms. You must ensure that you have read and understood the product terms and conditions applicable to your HSBC product(s).

What else do I need to know about the Campaign?

  • Your age must be 21 years or above and a resident/national of Bahrain.
  • Staff of HSBC are excluded from the Offer.
  • These Campaign Terms and Conditions only apply in Bahrain. We reserve the right at our discretion to alter or amend these Campaign Terms and Conditions (including extending or ending the Campaign) at any time without prior notice to you. HSBC’s decisions on all matters relating to the Campaign shall be final and conclusive. We reserve the right to refuse any application for a product or service.
  • You consent to your data being stored, transferred and processed (either in Bahrain or overseas) by HSBC, its group companies and its authorized third parties to contact you.
  • You agree to take part in any promotional activities reasonably requested by us if you qualify for any of the offers in this Campaign.
  • Participating in this Campaign does not grant entrants the right to use HSBC’s name, logo or images from or relating to the Campaign without HSBC’s explicit written approval. Entrants may not make any public announcement regarding any aspect of this Campaign without HSBC’s prior written consent and any breach of this provision shall confer a right on the HSBC at HSBC’s discretion not to award fee waiver to an entrant.
  • The Campaign Offers are not transferable.
  • HSBC Schedule of Services and Tariffs apply, please visit our website at
  • These Campaign Terms and Conditions shall be governed in all respects by the federal laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in particular by the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain. All disputes relating to these Campaign Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Kingdom of Bahrain. Each of the terms and conditions set out in these Campaign Terms and Conditions needs to be met.