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Electric Vehicle (EV) Loan

Enjoy preferential rates when you buy an electric or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, buying a more energy-efficient automobile is a great place to start.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’re proud to support the fast-growing market for electric and hybrid automobiles with our new Electric Vehicle (EV) Loan.


  • no processing fees 
  •           no credit life insurance required

  • loan amounts up to BHD 40,000
  • low APR from just 8.00%1

1Reducing balance rate. Indicative APR on Electric Vehicle (EV) Loan for an amount of BHD 10,000 and payable over 5 years period is 8.00%.

What is an electric automobile?

Unlike most fuel-consuming automobiles, an electric automobile can be powered fully or partially by a battery. They are classified as zero emission vehicles, because the motors don’t produce any exhaust fumes. When they are low on energy, they can simply be plugged into a power source. 

What is a Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle?

A Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle operates through multiple power sources working together. While most do feature a traditional combustion engine, they also contain a battery-powered electric motor which reduces the overall need for fuel. This makes them much more energy-efficient than vehicles that rely solely on traditional fuel sources. 

What are the benefits of driving an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle?

  • reduced fuel consumption and emissions
  • ability to harness clean electric energy
  • better fuel efficiency and overall performance
  • recovered energy from regenerative braking


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