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Advance Auto loan

Get on the road quickly and enjoy exclusive benefits with an Advance auto loan

HSBC Advance Auto Loan

With the Advance Auto loan, you get all of the preferential treatment you expect as an HSBC Advance client.


Borrow up to BHD 50,000 with a loan that comes with extra benefits, like a current account and comprehensive insurance coverage.


  • Loans for new and used vehicles
  • Up to five years auto loan
  • Preferential APR from 8.50%
  • Get up to 90% financing


Apply for a auto loan today and experience the extra benefits available to HSBC Advance clients.

By phone

Start the process with just a phone call.

Or call 17 569 569 (within Bahrain) or +973 17 569 569 (outside Bahrain).

Visit a branch

Locate your nearest branch and visit us to discuss your application.

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