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Cut-off times

Application type Type/Currency Submission time
Telegraphic transfers USD and other foreign currencies (Sunday only) 10.30 am
USD (Monday to Thursday) 11.30 am
Other foreign currencies (Monday to Thursday) 12 pm
BHD (Sunday to Thursday) 11.30 am
Salaries Manual 10 am
Standing instructions   Two days before the due date for the S/I
Internal transfers between accounts HSBC accountholders only (BHD) 2 pm
HSBC accountholders only (others) 12.30 pm
Opening a new account   12 pm
Closing of an account   12 pm
Time deposit transactions   12.30 pm

Should you require further clarification on the above-mentioned cut-off times, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at
+973 1756 9999 or via e-mail on
*Subject that all application/instructions are submitted with complete information/documentations.

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